WWII Tungsten Mine

Tungsten Mine No.2

Tungsten Mine No.3 

Tungsten Mine No.4

Tungsten Mine No.5

During WWII, tungsten was used in the United States for a variety of military applications. One of the most important uses was in the production of armor-piercing ammunition. Tungsten was used to make the cores of armor-piercing projectiles, which were used to penetrate the thick armor of tanks and other armored vehicles. Tungsten was also used in the production of high-speed cutting and drilling tools, which were used in the construction of tanks, airplanes, and other military equipment. In addition, tungsten was used as an alloying element in the production of steel, which was used to make the structural components of tanks, ships, and other military vehicles. Tungsten was considered a strategic material during WWII and its mining, production and use was heavily controlled by the US Government to ensure availability for the war effort.

Tungsten Mine No.6