Architectural preservation photography is the practice of documenting and preserving the history of buildings and other structures through photography. This type of work typically involves capturing the details and features of a structure, such as its architecture, design, and materials, in order to create an archival visual record of its appearance and condition. This can be done for a variety of purposes, including historical research, preservation planning, and education.  Architectural preservation photographers often work with historical societies, museums, and other organizations like the Library of Congress and the National Parks Service to document and preserve the built environment.

Hobart Building - San Francisco - For SF Architectural heritage

Hobart Building

Pier 70 Drydock - San Francisco -for The Port of SF
Pier 70 - San Francisco - for The Port of SF

Hibernia Bank - San Francisco, CA - Photographed for SF Architectural Heritage

Hibernia Bank - San Francisco, CA
Constructed in 1892 and designed by the architecture firm of Bliss and Faville in the Beaux Arts style.

The bank, Hibernia Savings and Loan Society, was founded in 1859 by a group of Irish immigrants as a response to discrimination and lack of access to banking services for the Irish community in San Francisco. The bank quickly became one of the most important and profitable financial institutions in the city, and the building was designed to reflect this success. The building's grand entrance, with its ornate sculptural details and large marble columns, is meant to convey a sense of strength and stability.

Itsurvived several major earthquakes, including the 1906 earthquake in which most of the city was destroyed, it was designated a city landmark in 1974 and listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1975.

Beaux-Arts architecture was an architectural style and academic movement that originated in France and was later adopted in other countries, particularly the United States. It emphasized the use of large-scale planning, formal design elements, and the employment of the classical orders and ornate decoration. It was often used for public buildings and urban spaces.
St. Mark's Episcopal Church - Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania
Bethlehem Shipbuilding Machine Shop - Pier 70, San Francisco, CA
Union Iron Works / Bethlehem Shipbuilding Yard - Pier 70, San Francisco, CA

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